What I Learned While Making Our Macbeth Play

First of all I learned that making a play dosent have to be too serious and that its all about having  FUN.

I also learned that it is very hard to get everyone in to their places.😓

The hardest thing to do is to get everyone to listen. ( now I know how Mr D feels )

It is sooooooooooooooooooooo tiering standing behind the camera for 3 hours!!!


P.S don’t forget to watch our trailer!!!!!!!!!!

Student Blogging Challenge: Who I Am Online

Offline I am a normal boy that plays soccer and Gaelic.

Online I like to think I am the best soccer player in the world and that I have won at least 5 Bal’on Dors.

I also like to think I am a great Gaelic player that has won a few Sam Maguire trophies for Meath.

I like to think I am  a good problem solver.

I like to think I am very artistic.

I like to think i have great skill in the maths world.

I like to think I am as good a script writer than Shakespeir


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